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Magic Mel - Skin Management & Cosmetics
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 18 reviews
byJacqueline Lawrence onMagic Mel - Skin Management & Cosmetics
Amazing Results!

I have been a client of Magic Mel's for a few years and my skin is amazing! I often receive compliments about my skin and that's all due to Mel! Highly Recommend!!!

Thankyou kindly Jackie, your commitment to SKIN Revision and Rejuvenation is faultless and COMMENDABLE- following instructions implicitly... a thorough pleasure to treat . We greatly appreciate your involvement with #TEAMMAGIC . Keep up your GREAT work xx

byAndrea onMagic Mel - Skin Management & Cosmetics
Treating ALL Ages

Thank you Mel for helping me to age better than nature alone and thank you for helping the boys through their adolescent spots. You are one of a kind and a great find. You are truly a magician!

Thankyou Andrea for your Review, revising SKIN gives me immense satisfaction:)) Treating both Yourself and your delightful Family is an absolute pleasure. I sincerely appreciate your commitment in choosing MAGICMELSKIN to share your journey. Keep up the GREAT work !!!

byLeigh onMagic Mel - Skin Management & Cosmetics
BEST Treatment for my MATURING SKIN!!

Mel is an absolute professional in the field of dermal therapy. Whatever your skin concerns, you are in good hands. I've been seeing Mel for a few months now and my skin is constantly looking better, and home maintenance has become so easy. I wouldn't go anywhere else, and I'm excited to see how my skin keeps getting better and better.

I used to rely on skin care advice from beauty counters and magazines, not anymore! Mel will tailor a skin care program especially for your particular needs, and you'll never again waste money at beauty counters or rely on glossy magazines for skin advice! Mel also offers beauty services such as tanning, nails, brows & lashes and more. I'm glad my skin care is in Mel's hands, it's a worthy investment - at the fraction of the cost of other beauty salons!

THANKYOU Leigh for your honest and comprehensive review. SKIN REVISION requires ongoing commitment and dedication... You continue to excel with your passion for longevity in SKIN health 100%At MAGICMELSKIN we are highly RESULTS DRIVEN, Congratulations Leigh you are an inspiration to all Clients on TEAM MAGIC!!We are delighted to SHARE your SKIN journey, Thankyou :))

byNeil Hallows onMagic Mel - Skin Management & Cosmetics
QUALITY Service - at a Fraction of the COST

I've been seeing Magic Mel for 2 years now and couldn't be happier with the Magic she is able to perform. Pricing, quality of service, quality of internally sourced products all means that Mel is always able to deliver superior results at a fraction of the cost. Dont just take my word for it though - give her a visit - and be nice to the doggie

SKIN Rejuvenation isn't a miracle.. At MAGIC MEL SKIN Management & Cosmetics we are RESULTS driven. Your ongoing commitment Neil is commendable , well done . Thankyou for allowing us to share your SKIN journey

byAlison Camacho onMagic Mel - Skin Management & Cosmetics
Beyond my Expectations !!

Mel's expertise has gone above and beyond my expectations. She is informative and above all, effective! Always so happy after every treatment!

Alison you are a delightful addition to TEAM MAGICThankyou for your lovely Review. We are highly RESULTS driven and COMMITTED at MAGIC MEL SKIN Management & Cosmetics. Congratulations , you continue to excel in your treatment approach

byJessica onMagic Mel - Skin Management & Cosmetics
Amazing Results - EXCELLENT service

Melissa at Magic Mel Skin is highly professional and has great knowledge on skin and how to maintain good skin. Melissa is so passionate in what she does and shows in the work she does(congestion) weekly. Within days of my first treatment i could see a change in my skin and would highly recommend booking in.

Jessica, lovely of you to share your experience- much appreciated.FOUNDATION treatments incorporate Microdermabrasion with extractions and are an integral part of SKIN Revision. We applaud your commitment to addressing congestion issues , and very much enjoy sharing your journey. LOVE the SKIN you're in ! Melissa :))

byLizzie onMagic Mel - Skin Management & Cosmetics
You are the best Magic Mel Skin !! Brisbane

Had another amazing treatment today thanks to magic Mel! She is the best, she knows just what to do to help your skin Be the best it can be. It's great to be in the hands of someone and not have to question what they are doing, why? Mel has so much experience and is so professional, I respect her opinion when it comes to my skin and it's never looked better! It's been a long time since I've left the house without make up and now I do it all the time thanks Mel!

Lizzie you are a pure delight to treat !!Committed, focused, attentive to instructions- Your ongoing SKIN results are amazing. Highest commendations to you !!Very blessed to include you on TEAM MAGIC , onward and upward sharing your SKIN journey !!100%!!

byMatt H onMagic Mel - Skin Management & Cosmetics
Passion and Commitment

The Magic Mel experience made a big difference and also demonstrated that daily skin care is vital and keeping out of the sun is essential yet not always easy. Mel is VERY passionate about delivering on expectations and bubbles with enthusiasm with all that she does.

Age does not turn backwards however a program with Miss Mel is a highly recommended place to start.

I will be back.

Matt you are a perfect example of why I'm so committed to achieving the highest level of SKIN health 100%.As you well know my mantra ..." I don't bias treatment by a Client's- age ; sex; colour; shape; size etcI treat SKIN as a CANVAS....Head to Toe " .We cherish having you on TEAM MAGIC , and look forward continued sharing of your SKIN journey :)))

byCourtney onMagic Mel - Skin Management & Cosmetics
Above and beyond ALL My expectations!!

Mel never fails to make me feel welcome in the treatment room, not only has she met my needs as a client, she has done wonders for me on a personal level. She often believes in me more than I do myself. Her level of professionalism is high and the treatment you receive is fantastic. She treats everyone accordingly to what they need and is determined to receive results. Would recommend.

Much appreciated Courtney for your honest and heartfelt Review. THANKYOU for sharing such personal feedback on your experiences at MAGICMELSKIN. We're blessed to share both your SKIN and life journey 🙂

bySusie onMagic Mel - Skin Management & Cosmetics
Highest level of clinic technology without cbd proce

I have been tanning for many years and Melissa uses highly recognized NAKEDTAN, 2 hour process time, no streaking, no orange and no smell. Back to my divalicious self!!

Thankyou Suzie , delightful feedback INDEED , without exception NAKEDTAN provides gorgeous rich , even coverage 100% ....EACH time ... EVERY time 🙂

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